Is your child the kid who is running down the school hallway, late for class again, with papers flying out of his unzipped backpack ? If so, it may be a bigger issue than you think.

Signs of Students with Executive Function Disorder:
• Chronically messy backpack
• Easily distracted
• Teacher needs to repeat directions several times
• Chronically unprepared for class
• Misplaces papers and homework
• Homework often incomplete
• Rushes through work
• Multiple simple errors on work
• Neglecting to use planner or other “organizational” tools
• Difficulty with long term projects
• Doesn’t learn from past mistakes
• Easily frustrated
• Lacks motivation
• Often a mismatch between intelligence and performance
• Memory issues

Executive Function Disorder is linked with ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional issues, as well as many other problems that inhibit academic performance.  So, if this sounds like your child and you have not already had him/her tested by a qualified specialist, we highly recommend you do so.