Enter any high school on the first day and you can almost feel the freshman anxiety in the air.   These new ninth grades are easy to spot; they are the kids walking around with that deer-in-the-headlights look, clutching a paper containing their schedules and frantically looking at the room numbers.

This angst is totally understandable considering the expectations that lie ahead in high school are so different than what they left behind in middle school. Goodbye re-taking tests, handing in late assignments, teachers asking if they have their homework or if they understand directions!  Hello higher expectations of self-advocacy, independence, effective study skills, project planning, homework completion, and note taking skills!

At Academic Coaching Associates, we get it. We have helped hundreds of new high school students make their transition smooth and successful.  Our Nailing 9th Grade workshop teaches students the academic and life skills necessary to begin their year strong and feeling confident.  In order to tailor the workshop to the individual needs of each student, we take no more than 4 in a group.  It will be held from 9-noon in our West Hartford, CT office on August, 16, 17, & 18.  For more information or to sign up call Brenda at (860) 297-1591, or email her at brenda@academiccoachingassociates.com.