High School and Middle School Semester Packages – Fall 2019

Suggested Start Date – Week of September 9, 2019

All ACA programs are offered in-person (depending upon location) and virtually.

Honor Roll

Full-Semester (15 weeks)
  • 30-minute information & evaluation with Susan Schaefer (phone call)
  • Lesson Notes/Weekly Reports to Parents
  • Session Reminders – Parents
  • Unlimited Student Texts
  • Unlimited Student Emails
  • Priority Timeslot
  • Educational/Psychological testing review
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Unlimited Student Phone Support
  • Communication with school personnel (as needed)
  • Weekly 1 hour academic coaching sessions

Additional Services

  • Initial Consultation In-take Meeting ($160)
  • Additional Coaching Sessions and Pay-As-You-Go Sessions ($135 per hour, $75 per 1/2 hour)

* Applicable only to additional coaching sessions

For program information questions and all other general information, please call the Academic Coaching Associates office at 860-297-1591 or email info@academiccoachingassociates.com

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