Summer is the perfect time to brush up on important executive function and academic skills all students need, but are not taught in school. This one-week study skills program will take place in August so executive function skills are fresh for the new school year. All sessions are interactive and creative. Some areas addressed include:

  • Learning Styles: Assessment, Left/Right Brain Assessment, Study Habits Inventory, interpretation of data
  • Focus: Causes/effects of poor focus, creating optimal environment, improving focus in the classroom and at home
  • Note Taking and Listening Skills: Cornell method, annotation, visual cues, active listening
  • Active Study Strategies: Memorization tricks of the trade, quality over quantity, active over passive studying
  • Test Taking Skills/Reducing Test Anxiety: Tips and tricks for smart test taking and techniques to reduce test anxiety
  • Organization: Developing and sustaining a system that works, techniques to reduce clutter and minimize materials displacement, backpack organization.
  • Time Management: Elimination of time wasters, creating realistic schedules, using technology to track time and increase time awareness
  • SelfAdvocacy: How to approach teachers in school or by text for extra help and utilizing resources.
  • PrePlanning and Goal Setting: Setting schedules, chunking information, consistently recording homework, setting realistic and attainable goals
  • Application of Strategies: Practice skills using grade appropriate materials, review technology to enhance studying

There will be two programs, one for middle school students and one for high school students, and will take place in August at our main office in West Hartford, CT.

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