This six-to-eight session program is designed to build and reinforce skills to maximize academic performance. It    is perfect for students who have ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges.

Topics addressed include:

Session 1  — Learning Styles: Assessment, Left/Right Brain Assessment, Study Habits Inventory, Interpretation of data

Session 2  — Focus: Causes/effects of poor focus, creating optimal environment, improving focus in the classroom and at home

Session 3  — Note Taking and Listening Skills: Cornell method, annotation, visual cues, active listening

Session 4 — Study Strategies: Memorization tricks of the trade, quality over quantity, active over passive studying

Session 5 — Test Taking Skills/Reducing Test Anxiety: Tips and tricks for smart test taking and techniques to reduce test anxiety

Session 6 — Application of Strategies: Practice skills using grade appropriate materials, review technology to enhance studying

Session 7 (optional) — Organization: Developing and sustaining a system that works, techniques to reduce clutter and minimize materials displacement

Session 8 (optional) — Time Management: Elimination of time wasters, creating realistic schedules, using technology to track time and increase time awareness

Option 1:

These one-on-one sessions are designed to address the needs of the individual student and may be taught either in person, by Skype, or a combination of both. Each student is required to bring a laptop computer for in-person sessions.
Sessions: 1 hour in length. Same day and time slots are encouraged but are flexible.

Cost: $85 per session – 6 week program
$75 per session – 8 week program

Option 2:

These weekly sessions will be taught in small group settings of no more than 5 students to a group. They will be held in person (no Skype option will be available). Each student is required to bring a laptop computer.
Limit: 5 Students

Location: Academic Coaching Associates of CT

21 Mountain View Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117