When it comes to a college students summer, the last thing they usually want to do is spend it in summer school. That said, summer classes are a great way for students to keep themselves intellectually motivated in order keep the academic rhythm going right on through to the next school year. Plus, focusing on just one summer class is a a good idea for students who have ADHD/Executive Function Difficulties. However, summer session should not be taken lightly. In fact, these classes can be harder than regular courses because courses are condensed from 14 weeks to just 3 or 4. That’s where Academic Coaching can help.

When class begin, college students quickly find out that taking any shortened summer classes be it online or in the classroom requires organization, time management, and sustained motivation to end the course with a good grade.  Using these skills is especially hard for students who have ADHD or some other learning issue that inhibits focus.  Being accountable to someone who will keep them on track and show skills and strategies to use, definitely increases the odds of success.  This is one of the instances where academic coaching is just what the doctor ordered.

Academic coaches who work with college students know how little it takes to fall behind in summer sessions, and how to keep students momentum going.  By teaching students how to manage their time effectively and break projects into micro-tasks, they are less likely to become overwhelmed and more likely to keep up with the work and do well.