ADHD Executive Function Coaching for Students

The core of academic coaching is working with students to improve their executive functions. ADHD Executive Function Coaching is the perfect solution for students who struggle due to ADHD, ADD, Executive Function Disorder and other Learning Disabilities.

Having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD) can be especially frustrating for students. Parents want to help, but don’t always know how, and students may not be receptive to their help.

ADHD Executive Function Student Coaching

“Garrett has a lighter load and fewer worries now that he’s practicing the organizational skills he learned with his Academic Coaching Associates coach.”– Susan

At Academic Coaching Associates, we understand the root causes that interfere with student success and are experts at helping students develop compensatory strategies to address these issues. Having helped hundreds of students with Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD / ADHD) over the years, we are well versed in the strategies that enhance executive function skills. Our expert coaches help students break down assignments into workable “chunks”, and use technological and visual aids that keep them more organized. We also help students manage their workspace and materials, keep up with assignments, and be proactive in self-advocacy.

Academic Coaching Associates help improve academic performance in ADHD / ADD students with results that include:

  • Efficient time management strategies
  • Improved organization
  • Sustained motivation
  • Effective study habits and routines
  • Improved pre-planning and proactive behaviors
  • Improved grades
  • Follow-through and completion of assignments and projects
  • Regular practice of goal setting and goal clarification
  • Academic and social balance
  • Increased self-knowledge and application of learning style
  • Development of self-discipline
  • Elimination of fear of failure
  • Development of success skills for coping with ADD and other learning differences
  • Continued personal and academic growth
  • Ability to move out of “comfort zone”
  • Renewed excitement and curiosity for learning

Executive function skills help you:

  • Manage time, Plan and Organize
  • Pay attention and Switch Focus
  • Remember details
  • Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing
  • Do things based on your experience

How Executive Function Issues Impact Academics

Executive function is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. These skills are controlled by the area of the brain called the frontal lobe.  In order to be successful in school, it is imperative to have strong executive function skills.

Common Academic Obstacles Related to Weak Executive Function skills:

  • Forgetting to write down assignments
  • Neglecting to do homework
  • Forgetting to turn in completed assignments
  • Poor and/or ineffective study skills and strategies
  • Leaving long-term projects to the last minute
  • Putting off studying until the night before exams
  • Feeling easily overwhelmed by projects, assignments and tests
  • Believing there is more time to complete assignments than is actually true
  • Losing materials, assignments, and belongings
  • Having disorganized backpacks and messy bedrooms


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