Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Services from Academic Coaching Associates

What is Academic Coaching?


Academic coaching is a partnership between the student and their professional academic coach that focuses on the process of learning. By concentrating on the student’s unique strengths and individual learning style, students become more motivated, productive, and successful.

Academic coaching is perfect for all students whether they are high-achievers who are seeking to hone their skills and sharpen their competitive edge, to students who underachieve and aspire to reach their academic potential.

Students diagnosed with Executive Function Disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities and anxiety can show great improvement from academic coaching.


Benefits of Academic Coaching Include:


  • More effective study strategies
  • Better grades
  • Increased motivation
  • Less procrastination
  • More consistent homework completion
  • Improved relationship with family members
  • Better time management and organization skills
  • More effective note taking and writing skills
  • Greater confidence and independence
  • And more!


A Typical Academic Coaching Session


Each student is unique and academic coaching sessions are tailored to meet the need of the individual student. However, most academic coaching sessions are structured using a similar template.

Sessions begin with grade tracking using the
students’ school online grade system (if applicable).

The current grade in each class is recorded and compared
to the grade of the previous week.  Fluctuations and patterns are addressed.

Information and goals from the previous session are
reviewed and progress is discussed including problem solving
for any roadblocks that may have arisen.

Each class is reviewed and all assignments, projects, tests,
and quizzes are noted.  With guidance from their academic coach, the student will
prioritize what they must do and construct a plan to complete these tasks.

Using the student’s authentic assignments, the academic coach
will reinforce previous effective strategies and teach new active strategies as needed.

The student and academic coach may discuss other areas that may
be affecting academics including over-commitment in extra-curricular activities
and social life, lack of sleep, school absences, forgetfulness, etc.
Together they work on ways to overcome these issues and move forward.

The academic coach and student review goals and plan of action.



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