Academic Coaching Methods and Philosophy

Comprehensive Approach to Achievement Through Academic Coaching

A Holistic Approach to Achievement Through Academic Coaching

We keep our students’ support system informed and up to date, including parents, school personnel, outside support professionals (therapists, counselors, etc.) as appropriate.


Academic Coaching Methods and Philosophy | Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Parents are an integral part of the student success team. We know parenting schedules are complicated! We help keep parents on track with our convenient appointment reminder system. We send an alert by email 24 hours before each session to help parents ensure their student will be prepared for their next coaching appointment.

Academic Coaching Methods and Philosophy | Lesson Notes

Lesson Notes

Support doesn’t end when the coaching session concludes. Within 24 hours, parents receive a comprehensive report that keeps them apprised of the session’s content and findings. Parents are informed of new strategies that were put into play, and given an outline of a plan for supporting the student at home during the coming week.

Academic Coaching Methods and Philosophy | Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Building on the information parents can obtain from online grading systems such as PowerSchool, academic coaches track each student’s grades weekly to evaluate student progress, and effectiveness of strategies. This system allows coaches to quickly identify patterns and parents are consistently apprised of their student’s progress.


The Holistic Approach to Academic Coaching

Many issues in a student’s life may negatively impact academic performance. For students to have the ability to concentrate on academics, it is often necessary to help them overcome these other obstacles as well.  This is why our Whole Student approach is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Academic Coaching Associates.

We make sure to familiarize ourselves with each student’s academics, of course, but also the many other activities they are balancing: social issues, sports team commitments, jobs, and extracurricular activities, in addition to learning issues, and/or emotional difficulties the student may have.

Assessing a student’s learning styles and academic strengths and weaknesses completes the individual student profile and provides the necessary information to create a plan for success.

We truly mentor our students. Overall, our goal is to help students become more independent and self-reliant. We help students gain the skills and motivation they need to help themselves.

See how we work to keep parents informed, students motivated, and school supports on board.


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