Academic Coaching Testimonials

We have helped countless students of all ages with our professional academic coaching services.

See for yourself….


Marie and Tim, Parents of Shawn | Private High School Student, Grade 9

“Our son is a freshman in high school and has been going to see Jill Warren at least once a week for 6 months.  In that time, we have seen a large improvement in his study habits, academic performance, and confidence.  He has always struggled with reading comprehension, note taking and “standard” ways of learning in a typical classroom.  Jill has done a great job at teaching him alternative ways to learn and guiding him to improve study habits and accountability. She also provides us with comprehensive notes on what was covered during their coaching sessions.  This is extremely helpful both for us, as well as his teachers.”


Lucy, Mother of Spencer | High School Student, Grade 11

“My son was getting pretty poor grades sophomore year, although he is quite smart. Sue pointed out he was really struggling with organization. We knew this and we had tried to help, but Sue actually got the job done. He was more receptive to working with Sue than being “hounded” by parents. His grades have improved drastically. Sue is a caring person who can really develop a rapport with your child. I know she truly cares about Spencer as a student but also as a person.”

Barbara Chamberlin, LCSW | Child and Teen Psychotherapist

“Sue is a highly skilled Academic Coach whom I strongly recommend to any parent whose child is struggling in school. Sue has a strong grasp of middle/high school curriculum as well as a sophisticated understanding of child development. She ‘gets’ kids and they instantly respond to her warmth and humor. Susan knows how to motivate academic underachievers and help them start having success at school.”

Karen, Mother of Toby | High School Student, Grade 9

“Sue has been an invaluable help to my son Toby. She helped Toby get organized with his work and taught him how to break down his work to better understand it. Since working with Sue, his attitude towards school, and self-confidence have improved greatly. He has learned to how to advocate for himself and has given him to tools to get the most out of his education. Sue has also helped me, as a parent, understand how his ADHD affects his learning and how to best advocate for him with the school system and his teachers. Our homework battles have virtually ended.”

Kathryn Regio | President Lincoln College of New England

“Lincoln College of New England thanks Sue for her inspiring words at the College’s 2013 convocation. Sue’s honest and inspiring story helped so many students see their own challenges to achieve success as events one can wear with pride. Sue’s message of reflecting on, and rising up from her own struggles, helped many understand that overcoming the most taxing events in our lives is often the hallmark of future success.”

Bev, Mother of John | High School Student, Grade 9

“Josh, thank you again for your hard work with John.  Last night after your session, John just matter-of-factly said to me, without prompting, “I think working with Josh is really helping me”.  I was thrilled to hear that and I can tell that John is more confident, less anxious and is taking his work more seriously.”

Julie, Mother of Joe | High School Student, Grade 10

“Sue is outstanding at teaching students study and organizational skills and is a valuable resource to parents who are struggling to help their children. Sue worked with our family to adopt an effective feedback system with teachers and a reward program to motivate Joe. His grades are better, his self-confidence is growing, and his future seems brighter than before working with Sue.”


Cindy, Mother of Christopher | High School Student, Grade 12

“At the end of his first semester junior year my son was failing 2 classes, ineligible to play hockey, and in danger of not graduating with his class. Sue worked with him to be organized, stay on task, and ask for help from his teachers when needed. By the end of the third quarter, he was no longer failing any courses and his motivation was way up. Now, in his senior year, he is doing well, playing hockey, and seeks to go to college next year.”


Babette, Mother of Sophia | Middle School Student, Grade 7

“We were better prepared and more confident going into our daughter’s 504 meeting thanks to Sue. She helped us understand what to expect and guided us on how to ask for what our daughter needs in a way that would be heard and respected. With Sue at our sides we got a better result and were able to be better advocates for our child.”


Susan, Mother of Wes | Private High School Student, Grade 10

“My son is a bright student but found the demands of high school work a challenge.  Before we came to Sue, he found ways to become easily defeated and unmotivated to try harder to succeed. Sue worked with him to find good organizational habits and study strategies that best fit his learning style–and they really worked. Not only has he gone from a B/C average to the high honors list, more importantly, he has a newfound confidence in his abilities to succeed. We can’t thank Sue enough!”


Lily | High School Student, Grade 12

“Thank you so much for all of your help these past two years. You helped me become so much more organized and focused and I now feel prepared for college. I am very thankful for the time spent with you.”


Ziva, Mother of Daniel | High School Student, Grade 9

“Our son was doing poorly in school with failing grades.  Despite being very bright our son was challenged with poor organization and lack of motivation. Since working with Susan Schaefer at Academic Coaching Associates last summer beginning with the boot camp, our son has excelled in school, not only with significantly improved grades but also with organization, good habits and a strong sense of drive to succeed.  The relationship he has established with his academic coach has been invaluable for him and he knows he has not only an academic coach, but an advocate.  This program was the best thing we could have ever done for our child to set him on the path to success.”


Cole | Private Middle School Student, Grade 5

“My academic coach has helped me do things in a more organized and focused way.  I never forget to bring home all my materials anymore and my teacher does no get cantankerous with me. ACA has helped me achieve more than I ever thought!”


Susan, Mother of Garrett | Private High School Student, Grade 11

“We are in love . . .. . . with Carter Caldwell, the best writing coach ever! Garrett felt very comfortable and loved the way he explained things (great analogies). Garrett will use the word ‘because’ often and think of Carter every time he uses it in a paper. Can’t wait to work with him again!”


Maureen, Mother of Marlon | High School Student, Grade 10

“Sue is a terrific Academic Coach who truly cares for her students. Not only is she bright, well-educated and professionally/personally well-suited for this line of work, she gets to know the students and creates a uniquely designed plan for each person based on their needs. She is extremely responsive to parents (like me!!)  and keeps us all in the loop. She has helped our family with school, PPTs, information/connections and overall academic tools that we may not have known about otherwise.

I would recommend Sue and her team of professional academic coaches to any student who would benefit from this kind of personalized support and guidance.”


Toby | High School Student, Grade 12

“I used to get bad grades in my classes, then I began working with my academic coach at ACA.  Now I’m going to the college of my dreams next year.  Thank you!!!”


Lily | Middle School Student, Grade 7

“Dear Mom and Dad – Thank you for sending me to Academic Coaching Associates for study skills class this summer.  I learned so much about the right vs. the left brain and how I learn best. I feel this will really help me in school this year and for my future.  I also learned how to organize better and make schedules to manage my time.   My academic coach, Roni, helped me understand the purpose of school and why learning is important for my future.  I also learned why saying “please” and “thank you” and kindness are so important.”


Mark, Father of Morgan | High School Student, Grade 9

“Dear Ariel – I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the positive results Morgan has achieved thus far with academic coaching. This is the first academic growth spurt Morgan has had in years!”


Noah | High School High School Student, Grade 11

“Coming to Academic Coaching Associates has greatly improved my success in the academic environment. It took away a lot of stress that I used to feel because I now know how to prioritize my work and structure my time better.  It has also improved my note taking and test taking skills in the process.”

Jeff, Father of Meghan | High School Student, Grade 10
“Not only has Meghan gone from a B/C average to the high honors list, more importantly she has a newfound confidence in her abilities to succeed.”


College Academic Coaching and Tutoring Testimonials


David | University of Massachusetts, College Student

“College proved to be a bigger challenge for me than I had ever expected.  I found out the hard way that I wasn’t ready to handle the new responsibilities of college life.  Working with Academic Coaching Associates has helped me get back on my feet.  By helping me make better use of skills in organization, record-keeping, and self-discipline, Sue, my academic coach has gotten me back on track and feeling confident in my ability to succeed as I face the oncoming year.”


Angeles, Mother of Javier | University of Connecticut, College Student

“Having Andrea as Javier’s coach has been instrumental in keeping Javier focused. I am glad to have Andrea and I am looking forward to Javier finishing this semester on a positive note.”


Bev, Mother of Lee | Highpoint University, College Student

“I just wanted to let you know that Lee just got a 97 on his law midterm. He’s never gotten such a high grade on a midterm exam before. Brian has been flexible in his scheduling, and Lee always seems very upbeat and positive after they’ve had a session together. I really think his self-confidence is beginning to develop as he sees how he has success when he keeps on top of his homework. We are very happy so far with their teamwork.”


Linda, Mother of Andrew | University of New Hampshire, College Student

“Andrea is truly amazing and we could not be more pleased with the results of her academic coaching. She has developed a terrific and valuable working relationship with Andrew. We always knew he was so capable of this. He is coming home this weekend and I know he is very excited about his grades and accomplishments so we look forward to his visit.”


Deb, Mother of Ryan | Roger Williams University, College Student

“Andrea is doing a super job keeping Ryan on track, and most importantly, acting as the liaison between Ryan and us in terms of his academic experience.  I feel much better knowing that Andrea is coaching Ryan and reminding him of deadlines, encouraging him to use his time more wisely and basically keeping him on track. I am very pleased with Andrea’s work with Ryan and having her as Team Leader for Team Ryan.”

Annik, Mother of Morgan | Trinity College, College Student

“Morgan has worked with so many people over the years, but none have been nearly as effective as Andrea. She has been amazing and knows how to motivate him.  The lesson notes are particularly helpful.  Working with one of your academic coaches has gone a long way in preserving our relationship.”