As we all know, college is expensive. Very expensive. BMW M250-for-each-year-in-college expensive. If parents are already paying tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses, hiring a private academic coach for college students seems redundant, After all, schools now have tutoring centers, student success centers, study skills training, peer mentors, learning specialists and more to help students navigate their way through any rough waters. Search any college website and you are sure to find pictures of happy college students working diligently with their tutor at the writing center, and it’s all free!

Wouldn’t it be great if all college students who need extra help took advantage of all the great services offered to them? But the reality is, they don’t. A recent study of thousands of college students revealed that only 15% regularly seek out extra academic help. In addition, students who need academic help the most are the least likely to seek and use campus resources. And, if they do reach out to the school’s tutoring or academic coaching centers, especially prior to midterms and finals, it is not unusual for students to find out that there are none available. Most colleges recommend signing up for a tutor at least 2 weeks in advance to secure one. And, even if students sign up for an academic coach at the beginning of a semester there are usually only a handful of coaches for thousands of students. If they are lucky they will get to meet with their academic coach ½ hour every couple weeks.

With college attrition rates the highest they have ever been, investing in an academic coach for college students is a good investment. Here’s why:

  • The cost of private academic coaching is a fraction of the amount of money that is lost if a student drops out of college or is asked to leave due to poor grades.
  • Students are more likely to meet with a private academic coach because unlike school personnel who cannot divulge this information, therefore keeping parents in the dark, a private coach has no restrictions to prevent them from letting the student’s parents know a session was missed, grades the student earned, if they are skipping classes, etc.
  • Students do not physically have to go anywhere to meet their academic coach as they just show up on the student’s laptop ready to go.
  • Studies show that academic coaching keeps kids in school. Drop out rates are decreased; retention rates are increased.
  • Students usually see their academic coach as a mentor or a “go-to” adult which also helps keep students in school.
  • An academic coach for college students knows all the ins and outs of how colleges work such as how to drop a class, obtain accommodations for students with learning challenges, when and how to get an incomplete or pass/fail in a class.
  • And the reason Academic Coaching for College Students is better than saving any amount of money, parents can sleep at night knowing a professional is doing everything in their power to ensure the academic success for their child

And probably the biggest bonus of academic coaching, it’s no longer the parent’s job to keep their child on top of schoolwork. That baton is handed to the academic coach. Without the tension of academics, parent-child relationships vastly improve and parents can once again get a good night’s sleep.