Other Academic Coaching Programs

Academic Coaching Programs for College Students Held During the School Year



College Winter Break – Slay Your Academic Dragons

Two Student Group Workshops

Workshop 1: Slaying your Procrastination and Time Management Dragon

College students list poor time management and procrastination as the top reasons they fall behind in school. By teaching effective time management and organizations skills, students are able to initiate tasks better and avoid procrastination.

Workshop 2: Slay That Test; Study Strategies and Test Taking Skills

At Academic Coaching Associates, we hear again and again from our college students that more effective study and test taking skills, coupled with techniques to enhance memorization, would have a positive impact on their grades.  This workshop targets those areas by teaching students specific strategies they can easily implement the first week of class.

Midterms Study Groups and Finals Study Groups

Come alone or bring your own group!

Held in the evenings for 2 hours each session, our professional academic coaches and tutors are available to work with students on math, science, effective study skills, creating a pro-active study plan, and more.