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Academic Coaching Summer Programs for College Students

All our programs are taught by our expert, experienced academic coaches and tutors. We always try our best to schedule programs at convenient times for our students and accommodate requests, so if you have any suggestions please let us know!

All sessions are held at a location that is mutually convenient for both the student and the coach.



College Transition Program for Incoming Freshman

For In-Coming College Freshmen; One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Three, 90-minute sessions – plus one for parents (optional)

Objective:  To prepare help incoming freshmen make a smooth and successful transition to college

Although the program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, some common topics include:

  • Differences between high school and college – the reality
  • Self-advocacy – establishing school support systems; how to approach a professor, obtain a tutor, etc.
  • Balancing social and academic demands, and avoiding pitfalls
  • Introduction to syllabi and how to use them
  • Managing time – setting a schedule ahead of time; creating a calendar
  • Organizing materials and purchasing books
  • Prioritizing and accountability
  • Importance of attending class and the ‘snowball effect’
  • Note taking
  • Seeking and using accommodations
  • Roommates; setting boundaries; the role of the RA if there is an issue
  • What to expect from a good campus advisor; how to know if you need a different advisor;
  • Joining clubs and organizations – making positive connections and social interactions
  • Effective study skills and strategies
  • How to use Blackboard and technology as a resource

An optional mini-workshop for parents (held at the beginning of summer) (90 minutes)

Some of the areas parents are advised on followed by a Q & A:

  • How to help your son or daughter gain independence before leaving for college
  • FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) waivers – How parents will know if the student alerted professors to accommodations; these allow parents to gain information from the student’s advisor, access Backboard, etc.
  • Adequate level of communication with student
  • Helping foster independence and self-reliance
  • The orientation and campus support services myths and realities – What is marketing and what is real?

August is the ideal time to take this program so the information covered is fresh and readily accessible when students enter college. However,  our expert academic coaches are available to meet with students anytime throughout the summer.

The goal of this program is to help incoming college freshmen (and transfer students) make a smooth and stress-free transition to college including meeting increased academic expectations, develop life skills, self-advocacy, functioning independently, problem-solving skills, and balancing school work with social time. Developing active study strategies, note taking skills, and using campus resources will also be addressed.

Three 90-minute sessions-Academic College coaches are available all summer but we encourage doing this program in August so skills are fresh when students begin fall semester.


College Student Re-Entry Program

For Returning College Students; One-On-One Coaching Sessions

One-On-One, three 90-minute sessions

This one-on-one program is designed for college students who took a break from school for any length of time due to academic and/or life-skill difficulties.

Objective 1: to smoothly and successfully transition back into academics by strengthening academic strategies, executive functions, life skills, and creating a student support team.

Objective 2: to understand and take responsibility for the events that led to the academic hiatus and develop preventative strategies to reduce the chance of re-occurrence.

Academic Topics and Personal Strategies for Re-Entry to College Program

  • Time Management
    • Procrastination
    • Pre-planning/long-term planning
    • Routine Setting
    • Study strategies (note taking, test taking, essay writing)
    • Setting a structure
    • Arrangement of class scheduling times
    • Sleep and nutrition
    • Appropriate course load
    • Self-advocacy
  • Motivational goals
  • Life skills development
  • Using accommodations (if applicable)
  • Creating a Student Support Team
    Students will research support personnel on campus relevant to their individual needs.
    Students will contact and make appointments with appropriate personnel to meet within the first two weeks upon arrival at campus. These may include:

    • Tutoring centers
    • Counseling services (if necessary)
    • Personal advisor
    • Office of Disabilities
    • Student-athlete support
  • Social Strategies
    • How to meet other students, faculty, staff
    • Get to know staff in the major/department
    • Join or continue in a campus club, intramurals, and other social events
    • How to deal with having a roommate.
    • Volunteer through campus community service.

August is the ideal time to take this program so the information covered is fresh and readily accessible when students enter college. However, our expert academic coaches are available to meet with students anytime throughout the summer.

College Student Re-Entry Program Success Stories

Andrew participated in the College Re-Entry Program and continued with academic coaching throughout his freshman year of college, working with Andrea Miller, director of Academic Coaching Associates’s college coaching program.

“Andrea is truly amazing, and we could not be more pleased with the results of her academic coaching. She has developed a terrific and valuable working relationship with Andrew. We always knew he was so capable of this. He is coming home this weekend and I know he is very excited about his grades and accomplishments, so we look forward to his visit.”

Linda, Andrew’s mother, from Wallingford, Conn.

“After Wes, (of Granby, Conn.) began college, he had a rough start. He began working with Academic Coach Andrea Miller via Skype, and they came to the realization that his major was a bad fit. He changed his major, and Andrea says, ‘He’s really flying now.’ She is working with him to obtain an internship in his field, sports journalism.”


 Academic Coaching for College Summer School Students

For Any College Student Attending Summer School Including Incoming Freshman

One-On-One, amount of sessions TBD by college coach.

Objective:  To support college students attending summer college classes

  • Adjust to the fast pace of condensed semesters
  • Keep students focused and on-track.
  • Work on organization, time management, scheduling, and prioritizing
  • Additional skills as needed

When: Dates and times are flexible based on student schedules


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